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We have young boys and breeding females for sale.

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Why you should choose Grange Alpacas to make your special alpaca purchase:

- Grange alpacas have been selectively bred to have improved fleeces. Not only have Grange Alpacas been very successful in the show ring, they also produce very productive fleeces (please view our web store page). So whether you are interested in breeding females, stud males or lawn-mowing pets, you can be assured that choosing a Grange alpaca will be productive.

- Grange Alpacas highly value animal welfare. All of our alpacas have free access to barns and shelter all year round with ad lib hay. They are fed daily and are carefully kept to an optimum body score. Females are only mated if they are healthy and ready. Likewise, youngsters are only weaned when they are physically and mentally ready.

- All of Grange bred alpacas are halter trained. Cria are not over handled to ensure a healthy respect. When weaned and settled, youngsters are slowly and carefully halter trained using the Camelidynamics technique. We have received specialised training on this and encourage new owners to continue this method. Once Grange youngsters are confident on the halter they are slowly exposed to a variety of experiences to build up to their outings to the regional shows. They are not travelled for more than a couple of hours and they do not stay over night at shop venues in order to decrease any potential stress. Perfectly relaxed Grange alpacas have also been seen at Leicestershire County Show and even in Melton Mowbray Market Place!