Grange Alpacas

Quality alpacas in the heart of Leicestershire

The Grange Alpacas

Meet some of our alpacas. They are all friendly and have their own characters. Bess would sell her soul for a bucket of food, Dudley can jump just about anything and little Cracker would win the Grand National! Feel free to come and visit them mingling in with the other farm stock.


This year's cria:

  Grange Ericthanius. This pretty little rose grey was orphaned at 4 months old. He grew up quickly and now eats solid food as well as the rest!




Grange Emeris Firefly. A stunning rose grey suri male.





Grange Ebony Eclipse. This young man is actually black and is very full of character! He is the image of his dam, Bess.





Grange Crimson Cracker- born on the morning of Bonfire night 2005. His mum is Carmen and his dad is Dudley. We are looking forward to using him as a stud in spring '08.




Dudley- checking where his girls are.



Bess with two of her offspring- yes we can tell them apart!